Philanthropy does not have to be a donation of money. If you currently own an organization which has a specific skill set, than donating some of your organizations work is a form of philanthropy. For example, a company which makes cupcakes may donate two thousand cupcakes to a local high school in support of their football team reaching the playoffs for the first time in ten years. This is a philanthropic donation which does not involved money, but rather involves an organizations services to better provide and serve for the community. Organizations often times will find it difficult to participate in a philanthropic donation when the business has just began to get itself off of the ground. However, something to keep in mind when it comes to philanthropy is the importance the donation will bring to the community.

Grow with Community

Even if the philanthropic donation is not very large, it can still impact the community in a positive way, which is all philanthropy is hoping to accomplish. Another important thing to keep in mind in regards to positive philanthropic ideals within a strong community is the notion of the amount of time it will take to accomplish or reach some of the philanthropic goals put in place by investors or funding partners. Often times, it is the organizations which are funded the most amount of money for their philanthropic ideals which take the longest to carry out their plan and unveil their deeds to the people within the community. The larger amount of money a philanthropic organization has, the larger amount of opportunity the organization has to build upon, thus taking a larger amount of time to build.

Community Investment Returns

Some institutional investors will place over one hundred million dollars into a philanthropic project for a new educational building, only to have the building released to the community fifty years later! Jason Hope tells us “The organizational approach to philanthropy must start with the community in order to have any sort of meaningful and long lasting effect.” ¬†Once the community decides where the money is to be placed, it is up to the investors to develop the planning for the philanthropic project and get the project moving in the right direction. If the decisions are being made by the investors, than the community may have a negative response and thus all philanthropic ideas will cease to provide any real benefit within the community.